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Where to Start? The Beginning of the End of My Rope

As a writer and former reading teacher, I know that the best place to start a story is typically at the beginning. However, we don’t have time for all of that! I’m 40 years old, and that’s a whole lot to try to cover in one sitting. Instead, I want to start by telling you about the time in my life when I was at my lowest. I think this is a good place to start because it’s when I finally stopped. I stopped trying to pretend everything was perfect. I stopped trying to see the bright side of things. I stopped caring what everyone else thought. I was a mess. A tragic mess. And, for the life of me, I couldn’t tell how everything had gone so wrong. There’s one day in particular I can remember as clear as if it were yesterday. Let me set the stage… The year was 2002. I had moved back to New York after spending a little over a year living with my son, Buddy, and his father, DB, in Virginia. I was pregnant with our second child, and we were still not married. After trying to make it on our own

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